About US

The basic focus of the company is to supply spare parts for imported agricultural machinery.

We present a high level service and a wide range of original and analog spare parts of European manufacturers.

Our clients are as small farmers, collective and private farms and large agricultural holdings and companies from all over Ukraine.

Our team is a group of energetic, sociable young people who, due to their professional and coordinated work will provide the clients all the needed informational help in making a choice and purchasing appropriate parts for the most suitable price and delivered to any region of the country as soon as possible.

Establishing long-term, mutually beneficial, partnership cooperation is the priority of our company.


·        Spare parts for forage and harvesting machinery such brands as CLAAS (Dominator, Medion, Mega, Lexion, Tugano, Jaguar),  JOHN DEERE, MDW (E 524, E 525, E 527),   FORTSCHRITT (M 125, E 281, E 302, E 303,        E 512, E 514, E 516, E 517) (sieve boot, sieves, straw rake keys, concave, grain elevator, segments, bolts, belts, chains, pinion gears, bunchers, gear assemblies, flanges, arbors, packing boxes, bearings, etc.)

·        Spare parts for balers such brands as CLAAS ( Markent, Rollant, Wariant, Quadrant),   JOHN DEERE,   FORTSCHRITT (  K 454, K 550).

·        Working parts for soil cultivating machinery such brands as LEMKEN, KVERNELAND, KUNH, UNIA, GREGOIRE & BESSON , RABEWERK, VOGEL & NOOT, FARMET, FORTSCHRITT – BBG, BRIX, LANDSBERG  (ploughshares, colters, chisels, flanges, plates, landsides, carcasses, nozzles, foots, details for jointers etc)

·        Discs for harrows such brands as LEMKEN, KVERNELAND, GREGOIRE & BESSON ,  VOGEL & NOOT, FARMET/

·        Soil compactors (lamellar, tubular) for LEMKEN,  FARMET


Regularly participating in agricultural exhibitions.

Looking forward to cooperation!